Soaky Worship

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I love soaky worship. I love all worship, but I LOVE soaky worship.

You know, the kind where you can just sit and be and rest and soak in His presence? Soaky. *Insert cheesy smile emoji*

Worship is absolutely my favorite way to connect with the Lord. It is in those moments when I feel closest to Him. He speaks to me through the words, the rhythms, and beats, the music.

I wish I could sing and/or play an instrument, but unfortunately, that is not the case. So I rely on Spotify to help me out, and my goodness there are some good songs out there.

I wanted to share my soaky playlist with y’all. There’s a little acoustic, a little instrumental, and a whole lotta chill. I hope it helps you rest in God’s presence and inspires you to dig deeper in your walk and relationship with Him; to praise Him, glorify Him, and lift Him up in all that you do.

xo. Rachel

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